Isolation and Loneliness: Twin Killers


The internet has created a subroutine that is in fact a shadow.

It is really the low hum of your brain working without borders, without a frame.

It is the vastness of the space that is the web and that space is lonely.

Kinda like outer space, it has no reverberation, no echo. It is just populated with your thoughts and if you are not vigilant, it will leave you a bit stranded out there.

What's worse, you think you have it right.

You have likes and friends and followers. You have tags. But there's no real interconnection going on.

Get out from behind your desk. Shut the lid on the laptop.

Call a client and go see the customer.

Go out and visit the channels.

Take a colleague and have lunch. Go speak at an expo.

Mingle and smile and wink and nod. Ask a question or ten.

Get into living space and shake hands and give a few hugs.

Make new friends and listen to the voices around you.

Those are echoes that carry information you can use.


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Gerard Schweitzer