Changing your mind


Our minds are not moving the way they should.

We are traveling so fast trying to catch up to the internet and the speed of information that surrounds us.

The problem is that we are maxed out.

We can't go much faster.

We're squeezing in so much in our waking hours that our sleep is becoming very shallow and unfulfilling.

That's not particularly healthy.

But the issue is our minds. We simply are being outpaced by technology and we don't know what to do about it.

The first thing is to let it go because the answer lies outside of that battle.

You must change the paradigm and use technology like you would use a tool or better, like you would use a piece of fruit.

For sustenance when hungry, for decoration in a colorful bowl, for snacking when you watch some TV; you get the picture.

Breathe more fully. Take a Pilates class. Go learn how to do a proper boxing workout.

Tackle a Tough Mudder. Get outside yourself and shift your emphasis.

Take up the sax. Write some poetry and go binge Bogart movies.

Yep. Black and white.

Then make decisions with deeper thought.

Come at problems with renewed understanding of yourself.

Flip open the laptop, take a bite outta that apple and look at the internet differently.


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Gerard Schweitzer