That Gnawing Feeling is Your Antenna Telling You to Slow Down, Breathe and Think


Things get under your skin. Anxiety sets in and disrupts your equilibrium. What does it all mean?

Starting a challenging new job is like the first day at a new school. 

Starting a company from scratch is way more intense. It's crazy-making.

You feel exhilarated and scared. Everyday events are blown out of proportion.

Your emotions are forcing your brain to pump hormones at a higher than normal rate and you go through roller coaster mood swings.

The first sales call is a mix of nerves; fear, jubilation. Forget about the first sale.

Off the charts.

So is working with your first hires and collaborating with distributors.

That VC meeting gets you nuts too. 100 billion neurons in your brain are on the lookout.

For hints, cues, clues; interpreting the head nod, the eye twitch, any and all signs that can impact your new baby.

Things get under your skin in a way that they never have before.

Your equilibrium is gone. And rightfully so. You know in that place in your gut that your former serenity should be gone since it belongs to your former life.

Your antennae are twitching and you need to listen. You have chosen a new route and with it comes all the concomitant changes.

You will need to find a new way of living, working. A new equilibrium awaits if you can find it and hold on to it.

My advice? Slow down. Breathe deeply and slowly.

Feel the new you and let your brain take it in. Give yourself a chance to catch up and think.

Read again.

Take some time for yourself.

You'll see that it will all fall into place - a new place that will give you a sense of accomplishment and contentment.

Welcome to the new you.


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Gerard Schweitzer