Kill the Enemy


Removing fear from your mind will lead to new insights

Ever notice how some people get to interesting solutions with incredible ease?

The things they do can make us stop and wonder, "why can't I see these things and just do them?"

The problem is that our brain is filled with fear.

It stops us from traveling freely in areas of thought.

It prevents us from feeling unrestrained and limber when we approach problems we need to solve.

Neuroeconomists know this very well.

Fear creates sign posts; "Stop," "No Enter," "Do Not Touch."

We shut ourselves out of exploring and examining new ideas that could lead to new solutions.

We must stop fear in order to march to the beat of a different drummer and gain some escape velocity of our own.

How do you do that?

You must climb down the ladder into your murky depths and remove the plug that prevents drainage.

Once you do that, you will see clearer and more brightly.

The freedom to creatively think will be restored.

Oh yes.


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Gerard Schweitzer