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Telling stories isn't always the answer.

It all sounds the same after a awhile.

Marketing and branding. Advertising and communications.

It sounds the same to me. Maybe it's because I live with it every day. I assume it feels devoid of real solutions to you.

Much of it worked at one point on one brand in one moment of time but somehow it doesn't feel right for you now, today. I believe it's due to the fact that it's descriptive of process without exposing and explaining the true day to day evolution of the idea and its execution.

It's totally shiny from 40,000 feet but getting down to the ground level, where the nitty gritty exists, well, that's a time consuming job of writing and remembering and in the end may make you feel as though this cannot be migrated to your business, to your brand.

You'd be right at some level.

The marketing principles seem appropriate but the application of those ideas doesn't.

I read about a brand that decided to just tell stories all the time. So they embarked upon a promotion strategy that simply reduced everything they stood for to a story.

And it seemed to work.

They created urban myths and some of their stories were constantly retweeted to a growing audience.

Can that work for everyone, for every brand?

I don't think so.

While stories are enticing and good to have at some point within a wider marketing approach, stories don't always perform.

Sometimes it's best to hit the nail on the head and just go with price and channel.

“The low cost everywhere brand.”


End of story.


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Gerard Schweitzer