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Best Practices from America's Leading Startups

I don't care who you are or think you are, but you are prone to the same entropy as every other founder.

Negative energy will get you and if you don't figure out methods to protect and generate positive counter energies, you will pay the price.

Looking at the various startups I have had experience getting to know and others I've seen from afar, there are several component behaviors that are essential to building business that can brand and market itself successfully. Stay focussed on what fueled your dream. Startups that begin to stray from the one unique idea they had to begin with lose focus and start diluting the essence of what made them special.

You can see them begin to fray at the edges. It happens when too many people see too many other ways to extend future profit. They add on so many ideas to the core that the poor singular idea gets weighed down.

Before you know it, everyone is lost and not having fun and not passionate anymore. Go back to the core thought. Make that the hero again. Re-find your soul. Build a strong culture you love and that others will love too.

Too many startups revolve around the founder or founders and their personalities. As they grow, the company becomes a cult of personality instead of having a unique culture based on living values and shared principles.

If one of the founders leaves or the core group breaks apart, the company becomes unbalanced. The threat from within is ignoring the need for culture. Do not mess with this. It's a killer. Adapt process in order to save passion.

I know, it's the enthusiasm and passion that got you here. And it is likely to keep you here - at least for awhile.

But in order to protect the very energy you have and instill in others, you need to develop a process for your business or your candle will burn out.

Look at other successful businesses, emulate the companies that inspire you. FInd, adopt and adapt "ways of working" (WOW) that will work for you.

Your passion, and the passion of your colleagues and new hires alike will run through all the process canals you construct so your business can grow and thrive.


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