Millennials in your kitchen


6 Ways to make the cooking better for all of us

Here are a few operational ideas that I've seen that are critically important to building stronger companies. Not just for Millennials, but for all of us.

I think that setting aside rules for Millennials versus any other group is downright idiotic.

We should all live and work by the following:


Tell the truth and be clear about what's going on in the company.

Provide structure: set goals and clearly stated success KPIs (key performance indicators). Projects have specific aims and plans and due dates.

Progress reports have weekly times.

Meetings are short and have written agendas and minutes.


Have your brand's vision and mission part of everyday life.

Be the living example of both.

Encourage mentorship and training sessions.

Millennial employees want and need to learn and be a part of something greater than themselves (we all do).


Listen to them, they will speak up. People with confidence and developed opinions always do.

They have ideas and wish to be included in what matters to you.

Get these people involved in teams.

They are especially great at using networks and getting stuff done alongside others.

Balanced Life

Make sure they are enjoying the company and people.

Make room for social interactions that are meaningful within the company and within the industry.

Create events and meetups.

Allow them to work remotely when they need to.


Millennials love challenges. So do Gen Xers and Boomers. And Matures (it was called WWII).

Challenges allow for change and new ways to understand the issues and problems affecting the brand business.

This keeps everyone in the company highly motivated and thoughtfully engaged.


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Gerard Schweitzer