Rocketship Doldrums


What to do When Your Red-Hot Startup Hits a Wall

So, your new baby hit a wall.

These last two months were a bit difficult.

The present one is downright stale.

Orders are not picking up, your sales people are getting frustrated, customers are not as effusive, the money is flattening out, you're dreading the next board call.

Don't blame it on the weather, politics or internet outages.

None of those excuses work.

Take the time to review. What I call “taking stock.”

Revisit the market. Speak to customers.

Start with your main advocates and move outward from there.

You will find out things you may have missed.

You will probably confirm things you knew were there but hid from yourself.

Face them. Tackle them. Turn them into issues.

Bring these issues back to the office and dissect them.

Get your most trusted and smartest people together and start solving for them.

These issues are the doorways to new opportunities.


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Gerard Schweitzer