Media or Target: chicken or egg?


Too many companies think in media-first mode.

Recently I worked with a company that used many social media platforms to reach its audience.

The marketing was simple.

The people in charge of marketing reflexively employed Twitter and Facebook and sometimes Instagram to highlight a particular story or event that they believed was relevant to their audience.

When questioned about what their audience cared about or even cherished, they were silent.

So I asked, "why use these platforms and why develop these kinds of messages?"

The answer came very quickly. "It's what we've been doing for years."

And, "Now we can create little animated stories, so that's cool."

I just nodded my head while walking away to the coffee machine.

This scenario is being repeated every day at many companies who are being lead into their marketing by the media they buy or by the media that is omnipresent in the lives of their audience.

They are what I call media-first marketers.

Bad habits come from this.

Before media, before messaging, take the time to learn the lifestyle and culture of your audience.

Strive to understand what makes them tick - what they believe and how they choose to live their lives.

Only then can you begin to see creative ways to reach them with messages that enrich the brand's relationship.


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Gerard Schweitzer