Need to Focus? Keep your phone in a drawer


Take the time to think. Don't be disrupted by your phone. Your phone will not allow for continuous and critical thinking

Research is starting to emerge that points to the little screen as a the culprit for many of our bad habits.

Some are downright unhealthy.

A friend of mine started a business a few years ago based on slight returns to the analog way of life. The benefits are dramatic.

We're not condoning a luddite view of the world - just some periodic vacations away from our portable technologies.

Put your phone down. Especially when you want to think.

Let your mind wander. Do some automatic writing and automatic thinking.

Find your secret place and stay there in your mind and let the ideas flow. Put yourself in a trance-like state and come to conclusions.

No phone. No internet.

Just the mind.

You'll get there.



For other thoughts, after, *sigh*, you do pick up the phone, contact Gerry... later...


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Gerard Schweitzer