The Shortest Distance Between Two Points


Clarity is Often Easier Than You Think

One problem I see over and over again is the willingness of decision makers to hide from the truth.  At some point they had great clarity, but after a time they lose it.

Instead of clearly seeing the problems and developing issues they can solve, they create fog and delusion.

We all have been there: data that we choose to avoid because it hurts to see the cracks and fissures of our strategy, the head of sales we were so high on who just doesn't have it anymore, the marketing team being pulled apart by a lack of leadership, etc.

We can do much better.

Just draw a point on a paper. That's where you started. Perhaps it represents where you are.

Then draw another point - that's where you want to be.

Now connect them with a straight line.

That line is the course you need to take with clearness of 20/20 vision.

Each decision you need to take is a point on the line.  Decisions that pull you off the line are less effective and less efficient.  As you move forward, you'll correct for them.  Then, you'll get sharper at decision-making because you'll see in advance whether a particular decision is on the line or off it.

You'll begin to see all the parts of the puzzle and reframe each in its proper place.

You've regained your clarity and it's working for you once again.

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Gerard Schweitzer