A brand choice is a vote


We can effect change everyday when we buy products and brands

A while back in Paris when I began studying branding, I got to work for a time with one of the most intelligent strategists and deepest thinkers in the marketing profession, Jean-Noel Kapferer.

I was pondering over the french consumer decision-making process concerning luxury goods, specifically champagne.

Why are the majority choosing higher priced brands when clearly in the land of champagne, smaller producers and their lower priced entries could be wonderful?

"People choose brands just like they vote," he said, "with their experience and the information they have at hand - and it is uniquely emotional."

It turns out that most french champagne buyers, at least back then, didn't know much about champagne so they used what experience they had and price as their guide. In other words, if it costs a lot, it must be good.

And high cost is highly emotional. In luxury branding this turns out to be one of the truisms I learned early on.

I happen to think it works for most everything we choose to buy in the branded world.

We are voting over and over again for the things we use and the things we need and the things we don't need or use but choose to have anyway.

Which is why I say that branding goods and services is a democratic idea.

It is about the freedom to choose. Hopefully we choose the candidates and brands that can bring meaningful help to our individual and collective lives. 

And that the choices always make us feel good.

So remember to VOTE!

Voting is good. After voting, contact Gerry.


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Gerard Schweitzer