The Nation's Morals are shifting. What role do Brands play?


Brands are extensions of ourselves. What are they expressing?

We are complicated creatures in seemingly complicated times. 

Some of us are beginning to yearn for a recent past that we can refer to as simpler - even idyllic in a way. A time when decisions were clearer and options fewer.

Today we are not so sure of ourselves and brands have a harder time explaining - even being - brands. They seek engagement from us, so they create content with the understanding that should we associate with this content, we will engage with the brand.

The content produced is not narrow at all. It is wide-ranging and sometimes so far from the core of the brand's competency that it is hard to understand why it is relevant for this brand to speak to us at all about the topics it chooses.

Managing a brand's voice in today's world is not easy. It demands deep thinking and careful tuning. However, the opposite path is being chosen.

Brands have the opportunity to appear as solid signposts and clear markers of usefulness especially in a world of unfocused transition.

Instead, it seems less time is being dedicated to understanding brand relationships and crafting brand voices.

Haphazard social media postings, bizarre :30 ads whose meanings are not clear, and content that leaves us scratching our heads is much too evident.

Maybe this is normal.

After all, brands are being driven by people who are caught up in the same fog that seems to be all around us. And as brands are our creatures, then they will exhibit the same issues facing their masters.

Brands are us.

The roles they play in our society are the roles we wish them to play. 

Brands have always helped navigate and they should be doing that today.

They are part of a free world and a strong companion to a capitalist democracy. But they need intelligence and strength to help them survive and thrive.

As do we all.

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Gerard Schweitzer